Mountaineers Fire Crew

Mountaineers Fire Crew, INC is an independent company which maintains a wildland firefighting hand crew and engine available on a nationwide basis for fire suppression and all hazard incidents as well as performing pre- and post- suppression work. We also provide defensible space and fuel reduction services to businesses and landowners. Owner Tom Wesley has over forty years of experience in wildland and urban interface firefighting, all hazard incidents, and prescribed burning. We ensure that the crew consistently operates in a safe and efficient manner, providing optimal service to all customers, whether government entities or private citizens.

A bit of Mountaineers Fire Crew history:

The Mountaineers were established in 1988 as a U.S. Forest Service Organized Crew based in Redding, California. During the next couple years, additional crews were organized and, in addition to providing call-when-needed services to the Forest Service, also became the first California-based private contract wildland fire hand crews. By 1994, four crews had been developed. Two of those crews were based in the Shasta Trinity National Forest while the other two focused on subcontracting their services. In 1998,working in conjunction with the Shasta Trinity, Mr. Wesley developed a plan creating a pilot program utilizing private contract hand crews on the Forest. Tom held contracts with the Shasta Trinity National Forest and Region 5 before being awarded a National Contract in 2007. The company has remained in Redding, providing local employment and support for the community.

In the spring of 2009 the company was proud to be the first contract fire crew in Region 5 afforded an opportunity to participate in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The work comprised a variety of “firewise” fuel modifications and other hazard mitigation measures. Each project’s primary objective was to enhance public safety by reducing the threat of wildfire and creating safer recreation areas. In addition, some of the activities also set the stage for a healthier forest. The crew consistently completed the assigned projects well ahead of schedule and less expensively than estimates predicted, a testament to the dedication of the company to provide exemplary service in each situation.

Crew-members have logged close to a million man hours over the course of the Mountaineers’ history. Employees bring to the company a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. Each is held to the highest standards of professionalism in all arenas, resulting in a team of well trained firefighters with an outstanding safety record and an exceptional work ethic. This enables Mountaineers Fire Crew, INC to honor its commitment to supply highly qualified personnel who provide safe, efficient and cost effective service whether on fire suppression and all-hazard incidents or working with private citizens to keep their homes and families secure.


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