Defensible Space

Defensible Space is the Law!

California state law requires a minimum of 100 feet of defensible space (or to the property line) around inhabited structures. State law also allows local ordinances and insurance companies to require home/building owners to maintain defensible space greater than 100 feet.

Without defensible space, a fire on your property puts not just your family and home at risk but also jeopardizes other people and property. Defensible space provides fire fighters room to safely do their jobs. Property without adequate defensible space is much more difficult and dangerous to defend against fire. In a fire situation, defensible space may determine which homes are likely to be successfully protected and which homes cannot be saved. Don’t let your home be the one that doesn’t stand a chance!

The Mountaineers have been defending lives and property against the ravages of fire since 1988. During his forty-three years of fighting over a thousand fires, owner Tom Wesley has seen too many homes burn. He and the fire crew members know how important defensible space is and are experts in planning and creating it. Protect your family, your home and the fire fighters who may be called to defend you by allowing us to develop adequate defensible space for your property!

Our highly trained and experienced staff is pleased to provide many services in an efficient, cost effective manner. Let us beautify your landscape while creating a safer environment for you and your family!

 Services Provided

  • Wildland Fire Crews and Engine
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Defensible Space Planning and Implementation
  • Hazardous Fuels Reduction
  • Shaded Fuel Breaks
  • Roadside Clearing
  • Tree Pruning and Falling
  • Brush Removal
  • Erosion Control


Possible Consequences of Inadequate Defensible Space

  • Loss of Life
  • Loss of Home and Property
  • Prosecution for Violation of the Law
  • Denial of Insurance Coverage

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