Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities with Mountaineers Fire Crew, INC

Throughout its history, Mountaineers Fire Crew, INC has focused on adhering to the highest standards in the industry and welcomes inquiries from qualified, motivated, team-oriented individuals. If you are interested in being part of an organization that is consistently recognized for its outstanding professionalism, work ethic, and cohesiveness while in a position that demands the best from you both physically and mentally, we are interested in you!

General employment information can be found below. Specific position requirements follow.

Nondiscrimination and accessibility statement

Qualified applicants are considered for employment, and employees are treated during employment without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship, age, gender, marital status, familial status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, political beliefs, veteran status or sexual orientation.

If you cannot, or choose not to, apply for a position using the online form, you may print the application and either mail it, bring it to the address on the application form or fax it to the number listed on the application form. Applications may also be obtained from the same address or by calling the office number listed on the application and requesting that one be mailed to you.

Minimum requirements for employment

Candidates must be legally able to work in the United States, possess current fire qualifications for the position for which they are applying and pass a work capacity test.

Drug screening is mandatory for all positions once an offer of employment has been extended.

Overall job description

The company provides a twenty person hand crew and engine, available on a nationwide basis for fire suppression, prescribed burning, and all-hazard incidents such as natural or human-created disasters. The work involves strenuous physical exertion for extended periods and includes hiking, climbing, chopping, throwing, lifting, pulling and carrying items weighing fifty pounds or more. Work is often performed in steep terrain and in extreme environmental conditions.

Each crewmember must pass an annual pack test consisting of walking three miles within forty five minutes while carrying forty five pounds.

Work Schedule
All crew-members are employed on an on-call basis and must be available for dispatch twenty four hours a day from April 1-November 15. Assignments last for up to fourteen days and may be extended. On extended assignments, days off may not include a return to Redding. There is no way to predict the length of any assignment.

Compensation rates are dependent on an employee’s qualifications, position and experience level. Overtime rates are paid for time worked over eight hours in a day. The company also provides holiday pay in qualifying circumstances.

Minimum Position Requirements:

Firefighter II
Certificates required: S-130, S-190, I-100, L-180, IS-700 or IS-700a, RT-130 (note: RT-130 is not required if the candidate has completed Basic Wildland Firefighter training during the calendar year in which the candidate is hired).

Chain saw operator
Certificates required: Same as firefighter II plus S-212 and current first aid and CPR.
Completed task book

Firefighter I/ICT-5
Applicant must have two years minimum experience as Firefighter II.
Certificates required: S-131, S-133, I-200, RT-130
Additional training recommended: S-211, S-212, S-219, S-290, S-200
Completed task book

Single resource boss-crew
Must have satisfactory performance as Firefighter I/ICT-5.
Certificates required: S-230, S-290, I-200, RT-130
Additional training recommended: L-280, S-200, S-215 S-234, S-260, S-270
Completed task book


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